Why Your AC May Give You a Sore Throat

Air conditioners play such a massive role in our everyday comfort that most people don’t stop to think about how they may impact our health. Believe it or not, your AC may be the cause of that sore throat that’s been bothering you. Understanding how your AC works can help you understand when your AC is giving you a sore throat.  The debris, dirt, and dry air that comes out of your HVAC system can trigger allergies and infections, sometimes leading to a sore throat.


While there are a few reasons why your AC may give you a sore throat, you should always have your symptoms checked by your doctor. Still, knowing how your AC can cause your symptoms is the best way to keep yourself informed. Here are some common ways your AC can impact your health.


4 Reasons Why Your AC Could Be Giving You a Sore Throat


If you recently noticed that you have a sore throat, could your AC be to blame? Let’s discuss some common reasons why this may be so.


Faulty Installation of Your AC


If your AC is not installed correctly, it can cause irregular airflow that leads to the spread of infections and bacteria. Air, like standing water, is an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria. If your air conditioner was installed incorrectly, the air in your home might not be circulating properly. As a result, dust accumulates, which attracts dust mites and makes allergies worse. Other respiratory illnesses and virus infections can spread to you and other people in your home if your air conditioner isn’t circulating the air appropriately.


Leaks in the Duct


As your AC grows older, small holes or punctures can appear in your ductwork. The HVAC system uses ductwork to transport and distribute cold air throughout your house. Contaminants such as dirt and germs can enter your HVAC System through minor holes.


Dirt, dust, and other irritants can also enter your furnace and air conditioner’s internal parts through leaks and punctures in the central air system, ductwork, and filter. Over time, dirt accumulates in your system, reducing its effectiveness and diminishing the air quality in your home.


Poor Maintenance


Just like with your plumbing system, furnace, and all other parts of your home, you need to take care of your AC. If you haven’t performed a maintenance check of your AC unit in a long time, now is the time. Your AC filters trap dirt, dust, and debris over time, and when the buildup gets bad enough, this can impact your AC’s performance.


The dust trapped in the AC filter can become a growing field for bacteria and germs that pose a significant risk to your health. Invest in a quality maintenance plan to ensure your AC doesn’t make you sick when you switch it on.


Dry Air


Dry air can cause significant problems for your respiratory system. You need to be particularly careful with dry air if you have bad allergies, asthma, or any other breathing problems. In arid regions, air conditioners fail to add moisture to the air and throw out only cold and dry air, which can cause your throat to ache.



Contact a Reliable AC Company for Your Residential Needs


It’s essential to hire a licensed professional if you need help with your HVAC system. Contact a reliable Diamond Bar AC company to schedule an appointment.

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