Toilet Backing Up Into the Shower? What Do I Do?

Backed-up toilets are one of the most common residential plumbing issues seen today. Still, it’s not very common to have your wastewater back up into your shower. Therefore, when it does, most people start to panic. One of the most common causes of this problem is a blockage or clog in your main sewer line. Still, even minor blockages in your sewer pipes can be linked to your toilet or shower, resulting in noticeable backups.


If you’re facing this issue, you’ll need to contact a professional plumber immediately for assistance. Cleaning up a blocked or broken sewer line and the damage it causes isn’t easy. Still, you need to act fast to avoid more significant damage or health risks.


If your toilet is backing up into your shower, here are the steps you’ll need to take to resolve the issue!


How to Handle Sewer Line Clogs that Cause Bathroom Backups


Here are some tips to help you handle this issue:


Isolated Clogs


If you have an isolated clog that exists within your bathroom, you’ll need to act quickly before it moves to other parts of your plumbing system. While using an over-the-counter drain cleaner seems like a great idea, you should stay away from these products. They typically cause more harm than they do good.


If you can’t get in touch with a professional plumber immediately, turn off your main water supply. Use a fluted plunger to try to clear out the toilet bowl. Plunge the toilet several times before lifting the plunger to break the seal. You might have to repeat this process several times to free up the blockage. If plunging doesn’t work, wait for a professional. Since isolated blockages can typically be broken up using a plunger, you may have a more significant issue if a plunger doesn’t work.


Snake Out Clogs that are Slightly Larger


If you feel comfortable, you can try using a plumbing snake to remove larger clogs. Begin by carefully feeding the plumbing snake down the toilet drain. Enter the drain with the snake spinning clockwise, then slowly pull it out with the snake rotating counterclockwise. The water will spin out as you pull the snake away if you have successfully freed the blockage.


Clear the Vents


Toilet water might occasionally back up into the shower due to a clogged vent pipe. Locate your vent pipe, typically found at the top of your property. Explore the pipe with a flashlight to look for any apparent blockages. Use a small tool to grab any obstructions from the top of the pipe carefully. If there’s debris farther down the pipe, squirt it with a garden hose to clear it out.


Contact the Local Water Authority


If the blockage is in the primary sewage system, you’ll need to contact your water supply provider. In most cases, they already know there’s a problem if it comes from the primary system.


Call a Professional


If none of the above methods have worked, it’s time to call a professional for help. Most plumbers also specialize in drain cleaning services. They will inspect your drains to evaluate the problem and recommend the best course of action.


Contact a Reliable Drain Cleaning Service for Help


If you have a problem with your bathroom drains, contact a reliable Los Angeles drain cleaning service to schedule an inspection.


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