Sweet Treats: A Dessert Guide for Your Event!

If you’re hosting a big event, sweet treats may be what a lot of your guests are secretly keeping an eye out for. After all, you can’t have a party without a couple of desserts to accompany a delicious meal. Whether you are looking for desserts to satisfy a sweet tooth fiend or someone who enjoys something sweet every once in a while, here is the perfect dessert guide to pick and choose the desserts that most call to you for your next celebration or party!


  • Tartlets- Fruit tart, berry tart, peach tart, chocolate mouse tart, tarts are a fool-proof treat for your party! Not only are these cute and decadent little pie-like desserts the perfect size for many guests to enjoy, but they are an easy individual treat that won’t require fuss when serving either!


  • Cake pops- Skip the cake and get right to the mini sized version instead. Cake pops are great because there’s no need to slice and serve. You can make a variation of flavors, whether you’re in the mood for red velvet, chocolate, key lime, chocolate chip cookie dough, etc. Cake pops are easy to make and ideal when it comes to mess-free serving.


  • Cake shooters- Shooters are the perfect sized individual dessert. For many who don’t know, these are little cups that come with cake layered with whip cream. Cake shooters are another great dessert option that your guests can simply grab themselves and enjoy!


  • Cheesecake- For the guests who need a little tartness with their dessert, cheesecake is a great option. Without being too overindulgent, cheesecake can be a choice for those guests who don’t love cake. You can get cheesecakes in various flavors, and they’re so simple you could whip one up if you wanted to.


  • Sugar cookies- Another classic dessert, you just can’t go wrong with a perfectly iced sugar cookie. Your guests will have plenty of nostalgia chowing down on these sweet treats. Offer these cookies with tea and coffee so your guests can nibble on while mingling.


  • Cotton candy- A bit of an unconventional dessert option, cotton candy can be that melt-in-your-mouth dessert option that appeals to kids and adults alike. You could even have a cotton candy machine corner at your event to add more ambiance!


  • Cannolis- This decadent dessert will have your guests reaching for another one (or seconds, or thirds). Cannoli is tube shaped shells of fried pastry dough filled with a creamy filling. Dipped in chocolate or covered in nuts, cannolis will have even the biggest dessert snob reaching for another.



If you’ve got a sweet tooth, let it show at your next event! With dessert, there are just no wrong choices, and you can offer unique options to fit your guests’ and your own needs. If you’re in need of tent rentals in Malibu to use for your event or even a designated food and dessert spot, Town & Country Event Rentals has got you covered. Now, the only other question is, coffee or tea?


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