How to Remove and Prevent Bathroom Mold

Hot showers are a great comfort in today’s daily life until your bathroom accumulates moisture that causes mold to grow. Whether you own a house or a commercial property, you may have come across mold growth, especially in the upper corners of your bathroom. As much as it seems like routine cleaning is a daunting task, it’s vital to clean and remove mold growth regularly to help maintain your bathrooms and your health. Let’s discuss some great tips to prevent mold growth and keep your bathroom mold-free all year.


How to Keep Your Bathroom Mold-Free


For most bathrooms, mold growth is inevitable, especially in those with poor ventilation. Still, there are some steps you can take to combat this dangerous bacteria. Let’s discuss!


1.   Keep the Fan Running


Even after you are done showering, make sure you keep the ventilation fan on for a while. The fan works as a suction to remove all the moisture from the walls, ceiling, and floor of your bathroom. Otherwise, the moisture builds up on your bathroom walls and will result in dampness in the area that serves as a breeding ground for mold.


2.   Upgrade Your Exhaust Fan


The first step towards avoiding mold growth and moisture in your bathroom is your ventilation fan. Get yourself a fan that is sufficient for the square footage of your bathroom. Your bathroom’s exhaust fan will not be as effective if it is too small for the area. You need to get a fan that is big and powerful enough to suck up all the moisture in your bathroom.


3.   Keep Your Bathroom Dry


Cleaning away all the water from your bathroom sounds like a silly task. Still, it is one of the most effective ways to reduce moisture. Even if you are running late for work in the morning after a shower, it will take just a few minutes to wipe up any leftover water. If not removed, this water causes dampness that contributes to ¾ moisture in the bathroom and can cause mold to grow.


4.   Fix the Leaks


Even minor leaks that don’t seem to be much of a problem can be a significant issue. Water can build up in the leaks and causes mold to grow. Therefore, it is essential to seal the leaks the moment you notice them. If you aren’t timely with this


How to Remove Mold in Your Bathroom


The mold in your bathroom doesn’t simply ruin the appearance of your home, but it is also a hazard to your health. Some types of molds can cause lung irritation or even skin issues. So why wait for the mold to cause big trouble when a simple DIY cleaning effort can help you get rid of it. Follow these steps:


  1. Fill an Antifungal Cleaner into a spray bottle and spray it on the mold. Antifungal solutions have specific chemical properties that easily fight mold. A few minutes after spraying the solution, scrub it with a brush with firm bristles.
  2. Once the mold is removed, it will leave a small stain on the area that could still contain bacteria. Mix water and bleach equally to fill up another bottle of spray. Spray the mixture on the stains and let it sit for a few minutes, and scrub it with another small brush, such as a toothbrush.
  3. Lastly, spray a vinegar solution onto the areas to prevent mold from forming again.
  4. Keep your bathroom dry by running a ventilation fan and a squeegee or towel cloth to wipe away leftover water.


Hire a Professional and Licensed Plumbing Company for Your Residential Needs


It’s crucial to hire a professional if you need work done on your residential plumbing system. Contact your local Riverside plumber to schedule an appointment for fast and affordable service.

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