Everything You Need to Know About Skylights

Skylights are made up of transparent glass and are a window or structure that transmits light. Residential homes and commercial businesses are a part of the roof and light up your entire building or room. Skylights allow direct or indirect sunlight to enter your property. They establish a connection to the outer environment and give your room a fresh air exchange.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about skylights.


Everything You Need to Know About Skylights


There are a few things you should consider before installing a skylight on your property.


Types of Skylights


There are a few types of skylights available on the market. You should consider all your options and then carefully choose the type of skylight that best fits your needs.


  1. Fixed


These skylights are fixed windows placed on your roof. These are not used for ventilating your property, as they don’t open or close. They can be used in places where you just want extra light.


  1. Ventilating


Ventilating skylights are not fixed and can be opened and closed. They are windows for your roof, and they provide both extra light and ventilation, which is a huge advantage as they can be placed in rooms with high humidity. They are either manual or automatic.


  1. Tubular


These are a dome-shaped tube that runs from some space above the roof to the ceiling of your room. These aren’t fixed or ventilating. But, they are perfect to use in places where there isn’t enough room for windows.


What About Skylight Placement?


Deciding the placement of your skylight is critical as it affects the look of the room. If skylights aren’t placed at the perfect place, it can increase the temperature inside your room or bring a distracting glare of light. Here are the options you should consider:


  1. North-Facing


These skylights provide diffused and soft light. They are a better option as they don’t release or absorb too much heat.


  1. South-Facing


These provide brighter light and can increase indoor temperatures.


  1. East-Facing


These give the most light and also increase indoor temperatures during sunrise.


  1. West-Facing

They give the most light and gain heat in the afternoon when the sun is setting.


Are Skylights Energy-Efficient?


You should decide if you want energy-efficient skylights before hiring a glass company to do your work. You can get insulating glaze, heat-absorbing tints, etc. Using a tint can keep your furniture from bleaching, as it prevents direct sunlight from passing through. Skylights can increase your privacy and provide more light to your space. By using a glaze, you can add more privacy to your room. It can also reduce light, heat, and glare.


What About Bad Weather?


When it comes to your skylights, bad weather can be a nightmare if you have leaks or breaks in your glass. Deteriorating skylights can also cause leaks in your roof. During heavy rain, moisture and water can get into your skylights. They are more sensitive to weather elements during storms, which can break the skylights and cause various problems.


Are Skylights Cost-Effective?


It is a fact that using skylights can save you money, and this is because skylights can decrease electricity bills. A skylight provides twice as much light and prevents you from using electricity during the day. It can also warm up your interior space, saving money on heating.


Contact a Reliable Glass Company for All Your Needs


If you need help with your skylights, contact a reliable High Desert glass company to schedule an appointment.

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