8 Tips for Moving During the Pandemic

Since the pandemic has taken the world by storm, it has increasingly become complicated and challenging to complete even the smallest tasks. Still, lives are functioning despite the pandemic, and there are many people who are moving to new locations in the midst of it all. While moving is already a stressful and time-consuming process, your stress levels can be even higher when worrying about contracting a life-threatening virus.


To help you move safely during uncertain times, let’s discuss some practical and effective tips for moving during the pandemic.


Moving Tips to Keep You Safe During a Pandemic


If you are worried about your safety when moving during the pandemic, follow these tips:


1.   Find a Trusted Moving Company


Before booking a moving company, make sure that they operate in your area and will arrive at the confirmed time on the day of the move. Discuss their pandemic safety protocols and ask them about the safety measures they will take to ensure you are protected.


2.   Ask for a Virtual Quote


To minimize human contact, look for a moving company that provides you with a virtual quote, so you don’t have to meet in person. You can use videos and photos to show the moving company what items you have to move. You can also request them to share the multiple packages they offer for moving services.


3.   Declutter Your Belongings


When you decide to declutter your belongings, you will either have to donate or throw away useless things. This way, you won’t be hoarding stuff that you don’t need. Also, donating and throwing away useless belongings will help you save money on moving costs during the pandemic.


4.   Disinfect and Clean


As per COVID guidelines, disinfecting and cleaning all your belongings is a must to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Wipe all your surfaces and belongings with a disinfectant and request that your movers do the same. Also, ask the moving company about the precautions they will take related to cleaning.


5.   Limit Contact on Moving Day


To protect everyone during your move, it is recommended that you have a contactless move or limited contact. Instead of the whole family interacting with the movers, assign one person to interact with them. This practice will ensure that your family stays as safe as possible.


6.   Wear PPE


If interacting with the movers is a must, the whole family should use disposable PPE gear. Make sure that you have your mask on at all times in public or when sharing the space with others.


7.   Sanitize Your New Home


Once you have moved all the belongings into the new home, sanitize the entire house before you start to unpack. As you’ll need to eliminate the germs from the previous owners, clean all surfaces, including countertops, floors, and even the doorknobs.


8.   Follow All COVID Precautionary Measures


Keep in mind that you are supposed to follow all COVID measures, even after you have moved in. Wash your hands frequently after touching any surfaces, maintain social distance with the neighbors, and instruct your moving crew to do the same.


Contact a Reliable Moving Company to Take the Stress Out of Your Next Move


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