5 Worst Things To Throw Down Your Garbage Disposal

If you like to view your garbage disposal as that wonderful second trash can where you can discard a multitude of waste, have we got bad news for you. Your garbage disposal is actually a pretty delicate system, and there are some things that just aren’t meant to be thrown in there! For the sake of your garbage disposal, here’s a list of the 5 worst things you can throw into it. This way, you can learn more about what not to toss into that disposal system to make sure it stays working as efficiently as possible for a long time! The worst things you can toss in your garbage disposal include:

Vegetable Peelings

Though it seems like a no-brainer to toss in carrot, potato, and other vegetable peelings into your garbage disposal, this can be a very bad move. Vegetable peels can create a thick paste that builds up in the blades, and can also cause a backup in your garbage disposal system.


Fats and grease that go down your garbage disposal will cool and harden over time, creating a thick barrier that leads to a major clog. Hot grease down your garbage disposal can cause major damage as well.

Ground Coffee

There’s a long-standing rumor that ground coffee down the garbage disposal can help get rid of odors, but what nobody talks about is the damage ground coffee can cause! In the garbage disposal, coffee grounds form a very dense paste, leading to clogs galore. Instead of tossing coffee grounds down the garbage disposal, throw them into your garbage can.


Bones leftover from say, chicken wings or other meat dishes, may seem fairly easy and trouble-free to throw into the garbage disposal. However, this is not recommended at all! Tossing bones into the disposal system can destroy your garbage disposal, as well as create a clog in your plumbing.


Latex or oil paint that is thrown down the garbage disposal can cling to the sides of the disposal or sit in and harden in the pipes, causing major chaos to your garbage disposal! Keep paint out of your garbage disposal, unless it is a very tiny amount that is heavily diluted with water to wash down the drain and out of your garbage disposal system.


To keep your garbage disposal and plumbing in top-notch working order, go with an expert plumber in Victorville or plumber in Whittier when an emergency arises or you need unexpected repairs and other maintenance services! To keep your garbage disposal working as efficiently as possible, make sure to do your part and keep waste such as the types mentioned above out of your disposal system and plumbing to avoid any big damages or stubborn clogs! You can toss most of the items mentioned above in your garbage can, and you’ll have great peace of mind knowing nothing is making its way down your garbage disposal that shouldn’t be there anyway.


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