4 Things Every Car Owner Should Carry


4 Things Every Car Owner Should Carry

When you’re on the road, it’s safe to say there are quite a few scenarios that can play out with your vehicle, many of them things that you wouldn’t want, but can still happen. Though you can’t carry the whole auto shop with you, there are a few key things you can carry in your car when it comes to the chance of an unexpected situation. Here are our picks for 4 things every car owner should carry in their vehicle.

1.   Jumper Cables

In the unexpected case that your car battery suddenly dies, one of the things you should always be carrying in your vehicle is a set of jumper cables. Though a car battery may end up dying for different reasons, one of the most common causes is a sudden drop in temperature. With the help of another vehicle and willing owner, jumper cables can help get your battery boosted and working.

2.   The Car Owner’s Manual

Though heavily underrated, the car owner’s manual is something that should be in your glove compartment at all times for whenever you need it! This manual lists all the information you need to know about your specific vehicle, such as adequate fuel levels, tire pressure, and every other identifying information when it comes to issues that may come up with your car. In the event of an emergency, an owner’s manual can get you out of a sticky situation by providing the appropriate information about your car.

3.   A Spare Tire With A Lug Wrench and Jack

A blown-out tire is something no car owner is safe from. This is why carrying a spare tire in your vehicle can save you when it comes to one of your tires getting blown out. Of course, along with the spare tire, you should carry the lug wrench and jack to help you successfully complete your tire replacement!

4.   Your Preferred Auto Shop’s Information

It’s better to be safe than sorry, and when it comes to that unexpected auto emergency, having your preferred auto shop’s information can be quite useful. Having a card with the auto shop’s number can make it quite easy to reach out to them in the case that you need to book an emergency repair or maintenance service.



Need Auto Repair and Maintenance?

Unexpected problems can happen with any car, so it is crucial for car owners to carry a few items that could help them when it comes to a blown-out tire, dead battery, and so on. By traveling with these items, you can drive confidently with the knowledge that you are secure if it comes to any sudden emergencies.

Try to actively prevent your car from going through rough patches by taking it to a trusted auto shop for repair and maintenance services. Import Automotive is the auto shop many car owners in Redlands turn to when issues with their vehicle arise. Learn more about Import Automotive and the services we provide your vehicle here.

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