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How Camp Directors Can Be More Productive with iOS Apps and Web Sites

February 27th, 2012 · 1 Comment · ACA, Technology

This year at the American Camp Association (ACA) National Conference I spoke on Favorite Sites And iOS Applications Of Productive Camp Directors.  I love being productive. So much so that I sometimes don’t leave room to talk with staff and they end up resorting to leaning in my window to get my attention.  I ended up with over 70 slides and I still left off some apps.  Jeff Cheley from Cheley Colorado Camps told me about Grocery IQ while David Betz from CampTV showed me how to us Action Movie FX on my iphone. I also used a new power point app for my phone: MyPoint Connector.While those didn’t make it into the slides, I did remember to record the audio and am hoping those who have apps or sites to recommend will add them in the comment section. With camp fast approaching, we all need extra hours in the day and being better organized and productive will make that happen. Here are the slides and the audio as well as a link to all the sites in the slides bookmarked.

[slideshare id=11764578&doc=aca12selkecampdirectorsgettingthingsdone-120227021244-phpapp01]

What did I leave out? Did I mention some of your favorites? What do you use and how does it save you time?


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