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Should Camp Counselors Be Allowed to Apply Sun Screen?

July 3rd, 2011 · 4 Comments · Health & Wellness, Risk Management

I was contacted by the Washington Post to comment on the new law in Maryland that would require parental permission before kids can use sunscreen. It was the first I heard of the law.

The guidelines said, “Camp staff should limit touching the camper as much as possible. Under no circumstances should campers assist each other in the application of sunscreen.” The policy also prohibited camps from supplying sunscreen to campers.

A day later the Maryland state health department dropped all of the restrictions it had imposed. According to the articles, under the latest policy, parents will still have to sign permission forms allowing their children to use sunscreen, a policy that exists in a few other states. But the state now says that it “encourages the appropriate use of sunscreen during summer activities.”

As I told the Washington Post reporter, avoiding sun damage is the most obvious reason camp counselors help younger children with sun screen.  Most seasoned camp directors also know that sun screen in the eyes is the next leading reason why young campers need help.  Getting that waterproof/sweat proof concoction out of a screaming child’s eye is nearly impossible. Furthermore, all camps have policies and train staff on appropriate and inappropriate ways to touch children.  This applies to any camper contact such as sun screen application, teaching a child how to swim, or even administering first aid.

Do you have specific sun screen policies at camp? Will you as a result of these articles?

Washington Post Articles:
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  • Sun Screen is a must and they should allow.

  • SPF 15 is at-least a must.

  • u00a0Sunscreen protect from sun harmful rays, so it should be allowed.

  • nnI do agree that use of sunscreen must be allowed since thisnis protection tool from harmful rays in order to keep our self completely securednfrom heavy sweating in this regard.nnn