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How a Summer Camp Can Help Children Cope with Grief

March 25th, 2011 · 2 Comments · Video with New York Life Foundation, hosted a live, interactive webcast on the subject of Children and Grief. It was designed for schools however, the material was so useful, I thought it equally applicable to summer camp directors. I am sure every summer camp has had campers and even staff who have experienced a recent loss. What I frequently find, in my work in schools, is how often children deal with the same grief and loss as they enter new developmental stages. For example, a child who lost a parent when they were 7 years old may still be having difficulties coping when they are 13. Early adolescence brings new developmental challenges of identity exploration and they have to work through how that early loss has impacted them.

The video below contains scenarios from children and parents. Childhood grief expert, pediatrician, and author Dr. David Schonfeld, MD, and Chris Park, president of the New York Life Foundation, talked about misconceptions, and provide valuable advice on how educators and all other caring adults can best support grieving children—whether it’s right after the loss or years later. Scholastic also have a website with additional resources that you may want to bookmark. Children and Grief

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  • nnnnI think organization must planned some effective strategy innorder to provide these children a great support, these kids want a slightnforwarding push to grow successfully in this regard.nnn

  • Summer camp for the kids will be very beneficial.