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How my grammar mistake on facebook ended up in a song

February 17th, 2011 · No Comments · Facebook, Humor and Fun

It is that time of the year for camp staff when Facebook becomes a buzz with who is working where this summer and in what position. My day camp is no different. The other day I saw a status update by long time staff member Amanda wrote on her wall that she was completing her application. I had heard through the grape vine that she may be doing an internship on the East Coast so I was delighted to hear she was coming back. Well, I commented too quickly, didn’t proofread, story of my life. (My poor proofreading skills actually prevent me from writing on this blog more often.)

You can read the conversation below and the resulting song. Last names have been removed to protect the guilty. I also realized, since this took place on Amanda’s profile page, that many staff may have missed it if they were not connected to Amanda. Amanda woke up to a profile filled with comments and Todd got an idea for a song.

filling out my Blue Camp app – 118 days!

Jenn Selke
wow – there was rumors you were on to bigger and better things.
Delighted you may have room for us for another summer!

‎”there was rumors” step up your grammar jenn!

bold maddie… critiquing the lady who says you get hired… bold

Jenn Selke
well played Megan – life skills = Blue Camp

Correcting the boss’s grammar just might be bolder than trying to take
the striker position away from Jarrett.

not fair! i was being funny! i’m a funny person!

Looks like the jokes on you girly ;)


bold Maddie, bold. we all know Jenn’s iPhone has as good of a
spell/grammer check as her brain ;) #teamJenn!!

not fair not fair everyone’s ganging up on me! i’m on team jenn too!!!

Perhaps a valuable life skill has been learned here hmm… see camp
goes year round!!

if you wouldn’t say it to Jenn’s face, then i’d keep it off facebook, sweetie!!
but like we say at Cal Poly… LEARN BY DOING :)

lesson learned! love you all!

Jenn Selke
‎@yamina I bet Maddie would say it to my face. If she works in the
office I would count on her to catch those errors of mine before they
went mainstream. Maybe she just needs to see that text comments are
seen differently than in-person comments. Fortunately I know her to be
generally kind so she will not lose her possible job over this
egregious decorum faux pas. : )

ohhh that was quite the zinger of a last sentence and jenn pulled the
egreegious card. wheres jarrett? hed be soo excited.
and yea, maddie, easy on critiquing jenn, shes the head honcho. I’d
say ive never critiqued jenn. thats how i earned s…uch a special
place in her heart…right jenn? :D BTW ALSO FILLED OUT MY BLUE CAMP
APP. COWBOYS 2012!!!

Jenn Selke
well Harry – you do keep me in my place. I certainly wouldn’t want to
work somewhere I couldn’t be challenged. You can’t have shared
leadership and not expect to be critiqued. I love Maddie to taking
such ribbing tonight. As Harry knows, the office is a rough place.

TRUE. I see a piece of paper titled Merrors in her future lol. pro
points for that comment. office is a rough place. especially zach, hes
a wringer haha.


Most egregious slew of comments, EVER!

NO ONE could ever replace the Harrors list. NO ONE

well this was entertaining to wake up to

I see a song in the works…

P.S. – quiet Harry.


Had to do it: