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What not to say at job interview for summer camp

April 24th, 2009 · No Comments · Human Resources, Video

I am about 60% of the way through interviewing 130 staff for summer camp jobs.  Those of us in the industry are accustomed to interviewing large numbers of young people.  This week I interviewed a high school student, who worked for another camp in a lower leadership position and asked him what was the difference between the old lower position and the new one he is interviewing for. He proceeded to tell me that in the lower position the staff did not always follow the rules.  When asked for an example he said he often escorted campers to different locations on his own – even though he knew he was to have a partner to walk campers between locations.  He said he didn’t want to tell the camper no and so he often just took the camper where he or she needed to go.  In this higher position, he said he would need to learn to say no.  Is this someone you would promote?  Knowingly not following rules, especially ones set for safety, is a deal breaker for me.

How are your interviews going? Do you have any great stories to tell of the interviews that were awful?

Ran across this site How to Nail a Job Interview and they have wonderful tips with great videos.  We often run modules for our high school and junior high staff about professionalism at work, interviewing skills, etc.  These videos may come in handy.

video: How To Nail An Interview (Tip 11)

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