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Teenagers Need to Learn to Sign Email

April 12th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Human Resources, Staff Training, Technology, Teens

Received an email tonight from a potential high school staff member for our Counselor-In-Training program.  Answered all my questions but the person did not sign their name at the bottom of the email.  I have now created a standard reply, since I this happens somewhat frequently.

Dear I Don’t Know Your Name:

Thank you for your reply. I am having trouble figuring out who you are.

You really have to learn to sign your emails with a traditional signature. Most email clients will do this automatically once you set it up. Just as you learned in 3rd grade to appropriately sign a written letter, you must also do the same with email.

I recommend:
First & Last Name
Email address
Cell phone

Many employers and college admissions officers will not take the time to match up your email with your application. They will simply delete and move to the next person.

Because we are a camp focused on developing life skills for both our campers and staff, I look at this as a learning opportunity since it is highly probable that you will write emails for the foreseeable future.

Sincerely –

Jennifer H. Selke, Ph.D.

University of California, Berkeley
Strawberry Canyon Youth Programs
5 Haas Clubhouse #4430
Berkeley, CA 94720-4430
(510) 642-7648 phone
(510) 642-8343 fax

I was happy to see the applicant sent me this reply.

Dear Ms. Selke,
I apologize for being so informal in my last email. I was away this past week and returned late Sunday night. I read what you wrote about timeliness and rushed to get my application in by Sunday night. Apparently in doing so I forgot the basics. Thank you so much for, like you said, giving me an opportunity to learn from my mistakes.

To fill you in on who I am and what my intentions are, here is some information about me. My full name is NAME. I go to X SCHOOL in CITY and I am currently in 11th grade. I am applying for a junior counselor position on your staff.

Thanks again for the opportunity.
– name removed to protect the innocent
(510) 555-1234

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  • We get all manner of email faux-pas here at Kennolyn.

    I like your line “…I look at this as a learning opportunity since it is highly probable that you will write emails for the foreseeable future.” We often take a similar approach.

    Hopefully the advice will be heeded and the individual will move forward with a valuable new life skill!

  • that is quite the signature jenn!

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