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Do You Use Online Video to Train Your Summer Camp and Recreation Staff?

March 10th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Staff Training, Video

Dr. Chris Thurber, psychologist, author, and frequent speaker at camp conferences has relaunched his online training Leadership Essentials, a set of training tools that allows director’s to train staff online.  Across all industries, training directors are trying to train their employees more quickly, for less money, while not sacrificing quality.  Programs that work with children can’t afford to cut any corners and accredited camps are required to meet specified standards.  Camps who are looking for creative ways to provide education for their staff may find resources in Expert Online Training.

From the site Expert Online Training:

Professional day camp and resident camp directors all face the same challenge: How can you train the new season’s staff in just a few short days? Poorly trained staff are a liability, but expertly trained staff will become your camp’s biggest asset.

To meet your training needs, we’re proud to introduce Leadership Essentials, a premium library of online video training modules, written and hosted by Dr. Christopher Thurber and friends. Each module teaches critical leadership skills that every camp counselor needs to effectively deal with the social, behavioral, and disciplinary situations that arise at all summer camps.

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In years past, our organization had a mandatory training module staff were required to complete. It was not related to camps or working with children but was general OSHA type training. While staff completed the training, I am not sure how much was retained. Any training is most effective when there is some connection with relevant work skills and learner-centered principles are followed. Regardless of using online training or in-house training, as Dave Meier says, “What the learner creates they learn.”

Do you currently use any online training modules for your summer camp and recreation staff? If so what are you using and how has it worked out for you? What are your thoughts about online training for your staff?

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  • Dino

    I've seen most of the video modules and just saw a new one at the ACA National Meeting, and they're quite good for focusing staff attention on the challenges of the summer.

    Chris also has his book for parents online now too:

  • peezy828

    I've used ACA's camp is for the camper the past few years, but I'm ready for a change so I want to use Chris's trainings this year. The sample videos I've seen look great, but they are cost-prohibitive for a small camp like mine. There is a way to “buddy up” with other camps to make it cost effective, but I have not been able to find anyone else who is interested. If you are please let me know!

  • Robin

    I might be interested in doing this. We are currently seeing if we could use this curriculum this summer. Let me know if you are serious about doing this and maybe be can buddy up. I too am a small camp.