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How to Set Up Your Summer Camp Page in Facebook

March 9th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Facebook, Marketing and Business, Social Media

This spring I have been on the summer camp and recreation conference circuit talking about how camps can use social media like Facebook and Twitter to get get their message out about camp and provide a space for parents and staff. By increasing a camp’s digital footprint, a summer camp can use social media sites as part of their inbound marketing strategy.

Facebook Pages has recently been updated and new features are now available. C.C. Chapman and his team at The Advance Guard have collected some ideas and tips that summer camps can apply to their use of Facebook Pages and you can download this 25 page white paper at About Face: A free white paper on Facebook Pages.

About Face: A free white paper on Facebook Pages

* Optimizing Tabs for maximum effectiveness.
* Strategies to increase activity on your Wall and Stream .
* Choosing the right Applications to install.
* Creating custom landing zones for newcomers.
* Increasing viral spread of your brand, and things to avoid
* Recruiting new Fans and engaging with existing ones.

How are you using Facebook Pages? Do you prefer it to Facebook Groups? How do you find your customers and staff utlilzing the information and areas of Facebook?

Tell us about your Summer Camp Facebook Page – post it in the comment section.

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  • Chance Sanford

    Late last year we set up 3 different Facebook pages for each of our programs (Resident Camps, Day Camps, and Sleepovers) since each has such a different demographic. This would allow us to target advertising should we choose to purchase it to the right program. We are still adding media to it, but let me know what you think:,,

  • Whoa… Disqus has gone a little weird here.

    Our Camp's Facebook Page (still exploring thee
    possibilities of the new setup).

    Great Post Jenn!

  • Teenscamp

    Yes it is true that you can set up your camp in the social networking sites like Facebook. These social sites are very helpful in getting valuable information and details related with camp programs and services. There are wide varieties of recognized teens summer camps in United States. The youth summer camps are committed to recommend focused learning programs for meeting the special needs of teenagers such as art and craft programs, sports, athletic activities, day care, over night, tour and travel programs, technological training programs, academic learning and religion centered programs.