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Teach Your Summer Camp Staff How to Use Limited Profile on Facebook

January 31st, 2009 · 1 Comment · Facebook, Social Media, Staff Training

With all my summer camp staff friending me on facebook, I sometimes learn more about their life than I really care to know.  I love facebook for the ability to coordinate with my staff and to meet them where they’re at. I can provide them with a lot of staff resources in our camp group, manage training as events, and share camp photos.  But no one is teaching teens and young adults how to use and manage social media in the work place and our young adults are entering the adult world missing this key skill.  It is for this reason that I spend time at training talking about using facebook when your boss is your friend, what our camp policies are, and what my personal thoughts are on friending my staff and their privacy online.  One of the most important features of facebook staff can learn is how to use the privacy features (which are complicated) and how to use the Limited Profile Feature.

I ran across this post from ReadWriteWeb on How to Friend Mom, Dad, and the Boss on Facebook…Safely.  It is a tutorial on how to set up limited profiles on facebook.  Send this to your staff when they friend you on facebook. This will teach them how to set up a limited profile so you can still message them and keep in contact with them without having to see every photo or wall post they put up. They get their privacy and you are spared all the details of their life in your newsfeed. There are some photos I would rather not see.

kisslimitedprofileIt is also a great way for you to set up a limited profile if any of your camp parents want to friend you. Let’s face it, you may prefer some privacy too while still wanting to add them to your friend list.  One more reason why you need to treat your online life as part of your personal brand.  I have had several parents of students, campers, and clients in my private practice friend me and they go right into a limited profile group.  They can still see my contact information but that’s it.

What do you do at your staff training to teach your staff how to use social media in the workplace? Have you had any interesting stories that came about from friending one of your staff members?

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  • pippakay73

    limited profile doesn't work. you can set it up, but if you view your page as the person you're trying to block, you'll still see all your wall posts, etc. would be great if it worked, but it doesn't. best i can tell it'll keep your posts from showing up on the 'blockees' wall, but they visit your wall, your thoughts will be there for them to see, blocked or not.