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Kansas City Summer Camp Directory – Get Listed

January 30th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Camp Directories

Yes, it’s winter, but summer is bound to set in — eventually. So once again the Kansas City Star FYI is compiling a guide to children’s day camps and area enrichment classes.

If your school district, community agency or youth club is planning special programs this summer, please submit a summary or brochure with day and evening telephone numbers (for verification) and mail to:

FYI Summer Camp Guide
The Kansas City Star 1729 Grand Blvd. Kansas City, Mo. 64108

Or you can send an e-mail to; please put “FYI Summer Camp Guide” in the subject line.

List dates, costs, a Web site and a telephone number for the public to call.

Sports, science, the arts, computer clinics and activities for children with special needs are typical of the camps included in the guide. Because of space limitations, the roundup will exclude regular day care, vacation Bible schools, Montessori programs and remedial classes.

Deadline is Friday, Feb. 20.

The guide is scheduled to be published March 10 in FYI.

From: Summer Camp Guide submission info, January 29, 2009

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