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Don’t Get Kicked Off Facebook Like Joel Comm and Robert Scoble

January 29th, 2009 · No Comments · Facebook, Marketing and Business

As a summer camp director, you need to be on facebook. Your staff are all there, your parents are starting to adopt the platform, and there are so many useful features. Like any internet service, you should make sure you have back-up systems in place in the event you are kicked-off or some odd service problem occurs.  “But no one get’s kicked off Facebook”, you think.  Read on and you will run your Facebook pages differently.

Imagine waking up and seeing this message:  Account Disabledfacebookban

I know of Joel Comm through my good friend David Lawrence. Joel is the real deal. A good guy who is smart about making money on the internet. He runs such sites as wrote the New York Times bestseller, The AdSense Code, had the #1 application on iTunes for 3 weeks (iFart).

Despite his legitimacy, Joel Comm was kicked off facebook. The problem stems from Facebook’s limit to the number of friends one user can have (5000).  Remember there is a difference between individual users, groups, and pages. When he hit his limit he started sending personal messages to those who wanted to add him. He was letting them know other ways to reach him. Facebook decided that the message that he was sending to the friend requests was considered “spam.”

Read more about it from Joel here: Facebook Booted Me for Having 5000 Friends!

Robert Scoble, famous blogger, also had facebook problems and wrote about his and Joel’s here: Facebook screws iFart author

Because Joel Comm is internet famous and his cause was taken up by a big time blogger (Scoble) and a ton of people who follow him, he was able to get through to facebook quickly and get reinstated.  This reinstatement came with a warning that he could be deleted again and the next time it will be forever!  You can read about their waring here: Facebook Gives Me Back My Account.

If there is one thing you can do today – make sure you have your own database of contacts.

You have a great following in your facebook groups, on your facebook pages, or at myspace but if those names and pieces of information are not in your own database and something goes wrong with your account(s) you have lost one of your most valuable assests. Chris Brogan wrote about a this on his blog: The Importance of Your Own Email Account.

Beware and press on!

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