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Alligator caught at a summer camp – is that in your risk management plan?

December 30th, 2008 · No Comments · Humor and Fun, Risk Management

Summer vacationers in Australia caught a 5-foot alligator with a volleyball net at a campsite south of Sydney. It appears it was at a scout camp where adults were also staying rather than a traditional residential summer camp. The lead story line on the wire as been “alligator caught at a summer camp” so my ears perked up instantly. While my camp is a day camp, we do have our share of wild life in Berkeley. We have a gaggle of wild turkeys, baby skunks who can’t tell time and appear during the day, snakes, dear, and the occasional mountain lion warning. We did find a baby hawk last summer that we thought was injured. Turned out he didn’t have his flight wings yet. Needless to say, the baby hawk caused quite a stir, not sure we are ready for alligators at summer camp.

More on the incident along with a video can be found here: Vacationers catch US alligator on Australian coast

photo credit: jakesmome