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Marketing with Social Media: Prerequisites from Christopher Penn

October 25th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Marketing and Business, Podcast, Technology

One of my favorite podcasts (internet radio) is Marketing Over Coffee with John Wall and Christopher Penn. They cover both classic and new marketing. Christopher Penn recently spoke at MarketingProfs Digital Marketing Mixer. He has posted the video and slides on the Marketing Over Coffee Marketing Podcast. The content is fast-paced and includes valuable information about how to use google’s free tools for your web site to social media marketing.

Camp directors have to be experts in a number of areas from Child Development to State Regulations to Marketing.  We cover a vast knowledge base and it can be a challenge to keep up with content as it changes.  The evolution to the internet was a big leap for camps. Finally, nearly everyone is online.  Social Media is the next big change. Camps are still trying to grasp the idea that they cannot control what others say about them online.  While the content Christoper Penn is talking about in this video may be a more advanced level, it will change the way you look at your online marketing.  The discussion on if and how you should get into social media is one camp directors need to start having.

What is your summer camp doing in the areas of online marketing and social media?

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  • What an exciting space! Camps have so much to gain from social media, staying in touch off season, keeping in touch with fellow campers, and creating alumni networks… Thanks for following Marketing Over Coffee.

  • I appreciate all the information you are putting together on social media that pertains to camp. We are just beginnning to dip our foot in the social media water, so this is very helpful. Thanks!