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“Pay Attention or I’ll Fire You!” heard at summer camp staff training

June 6th, 2008 · No Comments · Staff Training, Teens

OK – that is not exactly what I said when a few of the high school staff were talking loudly during summer camp staff training. Never mind that their fellow staff were doing the presenting or that I had already moved my chair next to them, these kids just yammered on. Thankfully, they were not ones I had hired. I did have to give my standard spiel on how training is actually work time. Unlike when I am a professor and I simply FAIL the students who do not perform, at camp I just fire them. Either way, very rewarding.arrow in head

Staff are quite spoiled when it comes to training. Our staff training is very learner-centered. We allow them to move around quite often, give them clay and markers to fidget with, and engage them in the process, etc. In the words of David Meier, “What the learner creates they learn.”

Most all the staff are VERY appreciative and very unaware that other job trainings are not nearly as fun. My sister had a job at a large corporation where she had to read the policy manual, taking turns with her supervisor. Yikes!!! If I did that I would have a revolt.

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