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2nd Annual Wear Your Camp Shirt Day March 31, 2008: The Power of Facebook

March 29th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Human Resources, Marketing and Business, Social Media

Where else can you get over 30,000 people together around the cause of camp? The Facebook event,
Second Annual Wear Your Camp Shirt Day: Because Camp is soooooo Awesome!!!, has amassed a guest list of 30,784 as of the writing of this post. Brilliant marketing on the part of of Jenn Sliney, a high school student from Camp Thoreau. This seems to be the organic power of Facebook. How many companies would kill for the levels of engagement that this Facebook event has?!! People have posted videos, photos, wall posts, etc. Teens and young adults are savvy and skeptical of joining corporate groups when they offer nothing of value in return for their allegiance and viewership. I am sure this list will continue to grow and the camp loyalists will wear their shirts on Monday. The big question is how do we provide a forum for camp people to communicate with each other without upsetting all the camp directors who are still fearful of an internet based camp community?facebook


  • Do you think ACA should try to get behind this effort? or should it stay home-grown?

  • Jenn

    This is Jenn Sliney…I was google-ing myself and found this. Honestly I am quite flattered that my self invented holiday got to be apart of your blog.
    Also I am sad to say that because of all the changes to facebook I was unable to make the event any where near as successful this year.
    Thanks for using me as an example for the awesome power of internet networking.
    It would be really cool if ACA got behind it, I just hope this doesn't count as going against that internet policy agreement I had to sign….