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What Camp Directors Can Learn from Merlin Mann on How To Take Back Your Time And Attention

February 26th, 2008 · No Comments · Admin and Office, Video

Merlin Mann is one of my favorite thinkers in the area of personal productivity. Here (and below) is a link to the audio and slides from his recent talk at MacWorld where he spoke about how to take control of your own time and attention. Well worth a listen as the summer camp director’s busy season heats up. What struck me most was thinking about what and who we allow to interrupt us. During the camp season we can get pulled in a number of directions. When I first started as a director it was hard for me to manage my time, determine who gets it, etc. As the camp grew to over 125 staff members I had to restructure reporting lines and then start to train the staff NOT to come to me for the answer to every question. It took a few years for the returning staff to break their habits of coming to me for everything. The motto became “ask three before me.” Since my main focus at camp is serving the staff, it was a hard realization that I had to dish out my attention intentionally and invest in people to differing degrees. This may be based on a staff’s level in the organization or potential for future leadership.

How to you ration out your attention?

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